Election Time Is Here!  It's Time to VOLUNTEER!
     Yes, it's that time again, time to raise your hand to accept a nomination or to nominate someone you know that would be qualified to lead our club into the next decade of the 21st Century
     We've been around for 70 years and we hope that we can continue our skiing, social activities and camaraderie into the future. If you have leadership skills, some computer skills, are able to travel and meet twice a month for 12 months please raise your hand. All it takes is dedication and time and you can help lead this club.
     Nominations begin at Brann"s Steakhouse and Grill the 16th of January and continue through February 6th and February 20th. Balloting would begin shortly after the February 20th meeting assuming an office is contested. Please raise your hand and help us to continue our decades of success.
     The offices open for election are president, vice president, treasurer, financial secretary and recording secretary.
     The Thunderbird Ski Club has been providing ski activities, ski trips and social get-togethers for 70 years and we hope our club continues to thrive through many more decades to come. It's through the hard work of each board member, committee, club volunteer and its 450 members that the T'Birds continue to be a club to be envied in the arena of ski organizations.
     Being a leader in this club is a very rewarding endeavor and provides countless opportunities to meet new people, see new places and make new friends. We hope you are willing to throw your name in the hat and will come forward to take on the challenge to help lead our club into its 70th year.
     Following is the brief description of each office:
•  The president is the chief executive officer of the club and oversees all its operations. This office should be held
by a Ford Employee/Retiree, if one is nominated, to con­ form to FERA's (Ford Employees Recreation Association) and our constitution but is not mandatory.
The vice president performs the administrative duties of the club and performs the duties of the president in the president's absence. This office also should be held by a Ford Employee/Retiree if nominated but is not mandatory.
• The treasurer is the custodian of the club assets and maintains complete and accurate records of receipts and disbursements.
• The financial secretary maintains the club check book, writing all checks and making all deposits. In the absence of the recording secretary, prepares the minutes of board meetings.
• The recording secretary prepares and maintains the minutes of the meetings of the board of directors
Please plan to attend the membership meetings at Brann's Steakhouse and Grill and raise your hand to help lead our club or nominate a friend whom you know is worthy and qualified to be a leader.
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